Islam Mahmoud Al-Akraa

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, The British University in Egypt "BUE" El Sherouk City - Cairo - Suez Desert Road Postal No. 11837

Dr. Islam received his Bachelor degree in Science (Chemistry/Zoology double majors) in 2007 from the Faculty of Science at Cairo University. Right after that, He Joined the research group of Dr. Ahmad Al-Akraa in Cairo University as a master degree student. In parallel, he worked for two years for the American Water Chemicals Incorporation as a consultant Engineer and next as a representative for Egypt branch until August 2009. Next, in September 2009, Dr. Islam joined the Department of Chemical Engineering/College of Engineering at the British University in Egypt (BUE) as a teaching assistant. Dr Islam was awarded his master and doctorate degree from Cairo University, respectively, in September 2011 and July 2015 in Physical Chemistry. His research is focusing on the self-assembly of metallic and semiconductors nanostructures for electrocatalytic applications, particularly those related to fuel cells and energy conversions.