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Conference Paper
Fawzia, S. Y., H. G. Sayed, M. H. Amira, D. M. Hassan, E. - N. S. Walid, and A. R. Alaa, "Evaluation of the protective effect of some antioxidants in pregnant rats exposed to cadmium I- hormonal, teratogenic and pathologic study", 5th Inter Conf. Vet. Res. Div. NRC, Cairo, Egypt, 2010.
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Conference Proceedings
Mohamed, S. K., E. - T. M. Magda, S. E. Walid, S. Shawki, and A. H. Mohamed, "L-carnitine supplementation reduces oxidative stress and enhances semen characteristics in heat-stressed New Zealand White Bucks", . 5th Inter Conf. Vet. Res. Div., NRC, Cairo, Egypt, pp. 79-85, 2010.
Journal Article
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