I was born in Cairo, Egypt where I live, study and work as a professor at Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, (FEPS), Cairo University (CU).

I have worked in development fields theoretically and practically for more than 15 years. How to achieve development and avoid the penetrated society was my main question in most of my researches and presentations. I received my joint supervision PhD degree through exchange channel (Cairo University and Institute of social studies (ISS) in The Hague, Holland. Prior to my PhD, I got my MA on Egyptian labor migration to the Gulf States: Reasons and Consequences from (CU). Then,  a Diploma in International relations and development (IRD) in 1994 from ISS, Holland,  a Diploma in Professional English - Arabic translation from Ain Shams University, Cairo. In 2001, I got my third diploma in Human Resources and Development, (HRD) from ISS. In Egypt, in addition to lecturing for graduate and post graduate levels at Cairo University, I taught in British University (BUE). Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT)ز and in Future University (FU), New Cairo.

I give a special interest theoretically for topics that touch politically the laypeople in a way or another. I believe in the necessity of changing political sciences scope to be more interested in laypeople and their choice, their daily life rather than elite issues. Also, I give more interest to the socio political dimensions in studying politics and I was the first political sciences scholar in the Arab World who wrote her empirical study on poverty and  informal  settlements from political perspective.

I brought to Arabic political literature the core concepts in western political sociology studies such as empowerment, political marginalization, exclusion and inclusion, Arab child socialization,  and transparency in Islamic term. I worked as a visiting lecturer in Nebraska Wesleyan University in USA in 2003 2004 and as a Fulbright scholar in Winona University in Minnesota, USA in 2005. I post doctoral fellowship in Leiden University in Holland where I developed my research skills on social capital and poverty alleviation and its link to the good governance.


My continued interests in Political science, Poverty, labor migration, social justice, refugees, legal illegal migration, Islamic groups, Woman studies and Marginal sectors generally in developing societies have brought me to new areas of research on the socio political and cultural dimensions of more than one topic and issues such as Democracy. good governance, History of civilization, Women inclusion, Political Islam, inclusion Exclusion strategies and the impacts of virtual political world in the Middle East area.

Working as a director for a center that specialized in Developing countries studies for two years helped me in bridging the theory with practice by conducting researches in so constructive scholarly and empirical environment on Democratization and transitional process in Egypt in coloration with IRD. Ordinary meeting and discussing the stakeholders via seminars or workshops enriched my academic contributions, improving and sometimes reviewing the common agreeable assumptions, or hypothesis and questions. I got a lot of awards, the most important are: Award of friendship citizen of Utsunomia in Japan for my contribution in promoting international human relations in 1993 and award by Cairo university (CU) for distinguished international publication in 2009. My last publication is the coauthor paper on social policies between slogan and its implications was presented in Bath University/ England 2014, is still in process.

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