Professor of Internal Medicine and Hepatology.

Founder and supervisor of Liver ICU, French hospital Cairo University.

Senior consultatnt Liver Transplantation team, Manial Specialized H Cairo University. 

Member of the Arbitrary committee (Internal Medicine) of the Supreme council of Egyptian universities, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MHESR). 

Member of the higher committee of health insurance for workers of Cairo University hospitals. 

Member of the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT)

Bord member of the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine (ESIM) (2012-2014)

Member of The Transplantation Society (TTS)

Member of the International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS)

Curriculum vitae (short resume):

Graduated in November 1988: MB.,B.Ch. Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. 

MD Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Cairo University 1996

Professor of Internal medicine&Hepatology faculty of medicine Cairo University since January 2008

Scientific, Academic activities and publications:

International Master of Organ and Tissue Donation, Procurement and Transplantation, Barcelona University. (2017)

Trainer in the Egyptian Board of Internal Medicine (MOH) since 2018

• Member of Scientific committee, Supreme Council of Universities. Ministry of Higher Education (MHE).

• Consultant Hepatology and gastroenterology.

• Consultant liver transplantation, liver transplantation team, Kasr AlAiny. (2004 to date)

• Certification of European-Mediterranean Postgraduate Program on Organ donation and transplantation. DTI/Barcelona University 2014-2016            

Master In Organ Transplantation and donation Barcelona University Spain 2018

• International (and national) publications (several oral and poster presentations in international organ transplantation congresses and one review article).

• Supervisor of the clinical, oral exam. of master degree of internal medicine ( 2004-2016).

• Supervisor of the internal medicine exam. of master degree of critical care since 2011.

• Member of the editorial board and author of hepatology sections in Text Book of Internal Medicine Kasr AlAiny Faculty of Medicine (1st, 2nd ed).

• Member of the editorial board and author of the Problem Solving book of Internal Medicine department Kasr AlAiny (1st, 2nd ed)

• Member of the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT), the Egyptian Society of Internal Medicine (ESIM), and the Egyptian Society for the Study of gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases (ESSGLD)

Administrative activities:

• Member of ethical committee for organ transplantation, New Kasr AlAiny H (2013-2016)

• Member of drug council of Kasr AlAiny Hs (since 2010).

• Member of higher council of health insurance for workers in Cairo University Hs (2009 till now).

• Director of the medical ICU Kasr AlAiny H (dep 6) (2010-2011)

• Vice manager and ICU director, Mubarak H(2005-2007)

• Supervisor of liver ICU, New Kasr AlAiny H. (2005 to date)

• Vice manager of The Internal Medicine H (2000 - 2004)

                                                                 Amany AbdelMaqsoud Sholkamy

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