Internal Medicine update club meeting December 2016

The 30th IMU club meeting

Friday 9th December

Grand Nile Tower


13th Annual conference of Gut Liver and Diabetes.Sep 2016

Free registeration to all colleagues interested in the field.

Your participation will make this conference really fruitful.

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17th conference of the European Society of organ transplantation

In Brussels for an oral/poster presentation. I will present database of 300 hepatic patients from the liver ICU in french H Cairo university. 

The conference is handling all about all organ transplantation in different parts of the world from 13-16 sep all in one conference. 

From Egypt and in liver issues only 2 poster/oral presentation (including me).

12th annual conference of liver and diabetes association

National Training Inistitute 2-3 September

free full registeration to all interested in this field.

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