Prof, Dr Amany Ezzat Ayad, MD, FIPP

Amany Ezzat Ayad ,MD, FIPP Mail Adress; Current Positions : A professor of anesthesia and pain management, Cairo University. Consultant of anesthesia and pain management and head of the Pain Management in Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Egypt. PUBLICATIONS: I have over 18 publications in the Egyptian Journal of Anesthesia, Pain Practice Journal and Journal of International Medical Research and Pain Medicine Journal.

I have contributed a chapter in the JHACO book; Approaches to pain Management, an essential guide for clinical leaders. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP ; Founder and board member African Society of Regional Anesthesia (AFSRA) Since April 2011 I was elected twice as the secretary of the Middle East Chapter of the World Institute of Pain(WIP).

Member of the Egyptian Society of Anesthesiologists. founder and member of the Egyptian Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia. member of the Egyptian Society of Pain Management. member and fellow of the World Institute of Pain. member of the International Association for the Study of Pain.