I received my Bachelor of Medicine & General Surgery,  in  November 1981 , Master degree in Industrial Medicine & Occupational Diseases May 1986 and  M.D. in Industrial Medicine & Occupational Diseases in May 1991 from Cairo University, Egypt. I completed House officer year "1982-1983), joined the Department Industrial Medicine & Occupational Diseases in 1983. I rose through the academic ranks till getting the professor degree in the department of Industrial Medicine & Occupational Diseases in October 2001. I was the head of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department, since August 2010 till August 2016. During this period I was alsothe director of the National Toxicology Center, Kasr Al AIny Hospital, Cairo University.

Since 2009 I have been addressed to be the authorized OSHA trainer "for the numbered courses 511 , 501 (general industry) and 510, 500 (construction)" in Egypt. For the first time in Egypt, I've succeeded to conduct OSHA training courses "training of trainers" , outreach program in Egypt.  This is besides being a consultant for a number of industrial facilities. For many years I've been leading groups of junior doctors in field studies conducting environmental and workplace assessment, treating occupational and environmental toxicities. 

For the last ten years, I'm responsible for the atomic laboratory that measures heavy metal in biological and environmental samples that necessitates training of the staff for sampling techniques and analysis. I’m a member in the board for judging the research work for candidates submitting their research work for both assistant professor and professor degrees. I'm also the Co editor of the Egyptian Jornal  of Occupational Medicine. 

In the field of scientific researches, I've been engaged in many research project and currently I'm the Co-PI for a joint project entitled "Lead pollution among neighborhood of secondary lead Smelters in Egypt". It is Joint project between Academy of Scientific Research Dept. Occupational Med. Fac. Med., Cairo Univ. Egypt and Technology & Cincinnati University USA. This project necessitates leading both national and international junior researchers. I'm also the PI of an ongoing research "Risk Assessment of Environmental pollutants and their relation to cancer in Egypt"  Joint project between the dept. Of Occupational and environmental Medicine , faculty of Medicine , Cairo university and the National TResearch Center.

In the field of practical and clinical experience,I worked inthe field of clinical toxicology, chelation therapy and detoxification protocols for various heavy metal toxicities.

 For management skills, I've received certificates in the field of " fundamental of business management :management in perspective", " function of front line management" and “Managerial finance and accounting"

My responsibility as a professor include Postgraduate teaching: for the as of the Masters, and M.D. of various topics of Industrial Medicine & Occupational Diseases, Collaboration with International Universities and meet eminent figures in the field (Cincinnati University, University of North Florida and University of Toronto) to raise the awareness of Occupational health and safety.

I've organized for the first time in Egypt the TOT OSHA training courses "both 511 and 501 for general Industry in 2008. I'm responsible for the atomic absorption laboratory for heavy metal screening in biological fluids, air, water and soil.

My activity also covers field visits for different industrial facilities for studying industrial processes, assessing risk, proposing solutions, arranging for training courses for safety procedures and medical surveillance.

My research interest in occupational and environmental medical field have resulted in numerous publications, invited presentations and sharing in national as well as international conferences and workshops (USA, Canada, China, South Korea, India).

I'm a current member of many International organizations as OSHA, American Collage for Advancement in Medicine ACAM, NewYork Academy of science, International Oxidative Medicine Association, IAPA, Women global connection and The International Society for Violence and Injury Prevention. Also, I have the membership of national organizations as Egyptian Society of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Egyptian Society of Detox. and Environmental Diseases, Egyptian Society of Pesticide, and Egyptian Society of Rehabilitation and Disability evaluation.