Alzahraa is associate professor of animal nutrition and feedomics. She earned her Masters degree from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo university in Egypt. She then earned her PhD degree through the joint program between Cairo university in Egypt and the University of Maryland in USA in Dr. Erdman lab.
She continued her Post-doctoral Research in Oregon state university, USA in Dr. Bionaz lab.

Areas of expertise

Animal Nutrition
Nutrigenomics and Feedomics.

Research and teaching interest

Traditionally nutrients were considered substrate for metabolism and nutritionists calculated the energy and protein delivered to the animal body by different feedstuffs. However, some absorbed nutrients are bioactive and have the ability to modify physiological and metabolic processes. Nutritional modification of physiological processes has the potential to increase animal production efficiency and profitability. Recent advances in molecular biology provide powerful tools to investigate bioactive nutrients and provide insight into regulation of metabolism. This type of research has recently been called nutrigenomics/ feedomics and the study of nutrient-gene interactions is a significant part of the field.

Dr. Abdelatty's research integrates traditional animal nutrition and modern molecular biology approaches to investigate the regulation of metabolism and develop dietary intervention strategies to improve animal production Specific research objectives include investigation of unconventional dietary interventions in the context of their nutrigenomics effect on animal health and production.