Single-Objective Real-Parameter Optimization: Enhanced LSHADE-SPACMA Algorithm

Hadi, A. A., A. W. Mohamed, and K. M. Jambi, "Single-Objective Real-Parameter Optimization: Enhanced LSHADE-SPACMA Algorithm", Heuristics for Optimization and Learning, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 103 - 121, 2021.


Hadi, Anas A.Mohamed, Ali W.Jambi, Kamal M.Real parameter optimization is one of the active research fields during the last decade. The performance of LSHADE-SPACMALSHADE was competitive in IEEE CEC’2017 competition on Single Objective Bound Constrained Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization. Besides, it was ranked fourth among twelve papers were presented on and compared to this new benchmark problems. In this work, an improved version named ELSHADE-SPACMASPACMA is introduced. In LSHADE-SPACMA, p value that controls the greediness of the mutation strategy is constant. While in ELSHADE-SPACMAESHADE, p value is dynamic. Larger value of p will enhance the exploration, while smaller values will enhance the exploitation. We further enhanced the performance of ELSHADE-SPACMA by integrating another directed mutation strategy within the hybridization framework. The proposed algorithm has been evaluated using IEEE CEC’2017 benchmark. According to the comparison results, the proposed ELSHADE-SPACMA algorithm is better than LSHADE and LSHADE-SPACMA. Besides, The comparison results between ELSHADE-SPACMA and the best three algorithms from the IEEE CEC’2017 Competition indicate that ELSHADE-SPACMA algorithm shows overall better performance and it is highly competitive algorithm for solving global optimization problems.



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