Enhanced Success History Adaptive DE for Parameter Optimization of Photovoltaic Models

Song, Y., D. Wu, A. W. Mohamed, X. Zhou, B. Zhang, and W. Deng, "Enhanced Success History Adaptive DE for Parameter Optimization of Photovoltaic Models", Complexity, vol. 2021: Hindawi, pp. 6660115, 2021.


In the past few decades, a lot of optimization methods have been applied in estimating the parameter of photovoltaic (PV) models and obtained better results, but these methods still have some deficiencies, such as higher time complexity and poor stability. To tackle these problems, an enhanced success history adaptive DE with greedy mutation strategy (EBLSHADE) is employed to optimize parameters of PV models to propose a parameter optimization method in this paper. In the EBLSHADE, the linear population size reduction strategy is used to gradually reduce population to improve the search capabilities and balance the exploitation and exploration capabilities. The less and more greedy mutation strategy is used to enhance the exploitation capability and the exploration capability. Finally, a parameter optimization method based on EBLSHADE is proposed to optimize parameters of PV models. The different PV models are selected to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method. Comparison results demonstrate that the EBLSHADE is an effective and efficient method and the parameter optimization method is beneficial to design, control, and optimize the PV systems.



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