Aliaa AlSadaty is Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt. She received her BSc in Architecture from Cairo University (2004), then her MSc from Catania University, Italy (2007), and her PhD from Cairo University (2014). AlSadaty is currently member of the Plastic Arts and Architecture Committee, the Supreme Council of Culture (2019-2021). She is particularly interested in studying heritage and historic urban contexts, and her research activities cover pertinent issues including urban conservation; impacts of morphological transformations on historic districts; regeneration of historic markets as a tool for urban revitalisation and industrial heritage among others. AlSadaty is Co-founder of the Urban Form Lab, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. She is also partner in several international collaborations including Discovering Future Cities project with Bauhaus University, Weimar; the Revitalization of Historic City Districts double master program with BTU-Cottbus, Germany and Sustainable Green Markets funded by the Newton-Mosharrafa Fund. AlSadaty has several published papers in journals including Open House International; Archnet-IJAR; Urban Morphology and the Journal of Engineering & Applied Science.