• Professor, Alaa Eldin Eissa has earned a Ph.D. in Aquatic Animal Medicine from Michigan State University, USA in 2005 and a Masters in Vet Sciences “Fish Diseases” from Cairo University in 1997and a Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences from Cairo University in 1993 (Accredited to D.V.M. in 2004). He is currently working as the Chairperson of Aquatic Animal Medicine and Management Department at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University.Prof. Eissa was also certified as Molecular Laboratory Diagnostician (graduate diploma in Molecular Pathology from Michigan State University, USA).
    • Prof. Eissa has over 25 years of experience in fish/ shellfish diseases diagnosis, aquaculture health management, aquatic environment risk assessment and rehabilitation of degraded aquatic wildlife habitats. With this unique mix of expertise, Alaa has excelled in delivering leading-edge aquaculture project development and management know-how to clients in USA, Canada, Egypt and Libya.
    • For distinction & innovation in aquaculture health management Prof. Eissa was awarded the “National Encouragement Award in Agricultural Sciences” from the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology for the year 2008 and the “Scientific Distinction Award in Interdisciplinary and Multi-specialty Sciences” and Agricultural Sciences from the Supreme Council of Scientific Research of Cairo University for the year 2010 & 2016.
    • In 2017, Prof. Eissa has been selected by the supreme authority of Suez Canal to work as Aquatic Veterinary Consultant to the Suez Canal National Company for Fish Farming and Aquatic Animal Health.
    • In 2017, based upon his professional experience in aquatic wildlife conservation research and his active support to animal rights /environmental protection worldwide, he has been nominated as an official member of the Animal Research Ethics Supreme Committee of Cairo University.
    • In 2018, for his profound expertise in the field of Aquatic Animal Health and Aquatic diversity conservation Prof. Eissa has been nominated as an international aquatic veterinary consultant to the Mediterranean Aquaculture Development Project II (MADE 2 Egypt).
    • Since 2018 till now, he is holding the Fish Diseases section editor position and member of the editorial board of the highly ranked Turkish journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences. He is also an editorial board member and reviewer for several international journals. During the period from 2012-2015, he has acted as an executive editor / cofounder of the International J of Veterinary Science and Medicine.
    • In 2019, Professor Eissa has been hired to lead the scientific and technical offices of Makka Feed Company; a promising national fish feeds company.
    • For his profound experience and interim support to national efforts for restoration and rehabilitation of the Mediterranean / Red Sea aquatic ecosystem, Professor Eissa was nominated on February 2020 as a member of the National Council of Oceanography and Fisheries then elected as the vice president of the counsel.
    • On December 2020, he has been appointed as an aquatic veterinary consultant to Othman Ahmed Othman Marine Aquaculture & Hatchery Company (Al-Wafa Fish Farm & Hatchery), a well-known aquaculture group located on the Eastern Bank of Suez Canal.







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