Dr. Abdelkarim Kamel is a seasoned healthcare consultant and currently serves as Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Medical Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, and as Executive Director at Shaalan Health System, a free standing Multispecialty Ambulatory Surgery Center He has over 20 years of experience in traditional medical and teaching disciplines, and healthcare management.

Dr. Abdelkarim has a deep passion for Quality Management, Lean Healthcare Management, and improving learning methods. Pursuant to his passion, he pioneered the implementation of an e-Learning project in 2004. He also implemented one of the first electronic networks in Al-Moneera children hospital. For the last seven years he has been teaching Healthcare Management in the American University in Cairo, as well as Lean Six Sigma for the Institute of Quality.

From 2008 to 2012, he was Assistant to the Chairman of the Specialized Medical Centers (SMC), a part of the Egyptian Ministry of Health that provides tertiary healthcare service through a network of 41 specialized hospitals and centers, which addresses 65% of Egypt’s Oncology treatment needs, and 45% of open heart surgeries.

He is a Consultant for the Health Information System at the Chamber of Information Technology where he reviews and appraises hospital healthcare applications in Egypt using the standards of Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). He has occupied several managerial positions in the private sector including As-Salam International Hospital.

Dr. Abdelkarim has a MD in Medical Biochemistry from Cairo University, a MSc in Clinical Biochemistry from Menoufia University, a Hospitals’ Management Diploma from American University in Cairo, and a MBBCh Diploma from Cairo University.

Recently, Dr. Abdelkarim iwas  Deputy to the Director of New Kasr Alainy Teaching Hospital.