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Ahmed Samir Hosny














Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery


Cairo University Medical School

Consultant of Vascular surgery in 

Shiek Zaid specialized hospital,

,The new Kasr AL  Aini teaching hospital











Nov, 2018









​​​Ahmed Samir Hosny Salah El Din Hosny




​​05 May 1976




​​82 Mathaf elmanial–Elmanial –Cairo-Egypt

                                           P.O. 11451



+202 23649700




+20100 1721726




​​Department of Surgery

Cairo University Medical School

11562 Cairo, Egypt.




ahmedsamirhosny@kasralainy.edu.eg ahmedhosny24@yahoo.com 












​married with three children​










​​El Nasr language school.


​​Cairo- Egypt

General Secondary Certificate1994.




​​Cairo University Medical School, Egypt,









Cairo University Medical School, 2000

Qualified: Excellent with honour.










 in Surgical Science,Cairo University          Medical School, 2005,Grade: Excellent


The Royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh, 2006

Post graduate Master

International Postgraduate Master In Mini invasive Surgery and New Technology (Italy) 2007



Cairo University Medical School, 2009.


International membership of SVS

International membership in society of Vascular Surgery(SVS)(USA) 2011 


Kiel university (EPOC) Endovascular optimization

Course Fellowship of  peripheral Endovascular Intervention(FEIN) in Kiel university,Germany

Endovascular  practice optimization course 2012

Brunkwall Cologne Aortic grafting fellowship (UniKlink Köln)

in 2017in university hospital in Cologne,Germany









​​English​: fluent both spoken and written

​Arabic: ​​fluent both spoken and written

Italian:             basic

​French:            basic









December 2014 to date                        

Assistant Professor


of Vascular Surgery

Cairo University MedicalSchool

Cairo – Egypt


Vascular consultant in Kasr Aini French Hospital.

Vascular consultant in Zaid specialized hospital,






Basic Surgical Training and experience:


➢ In 1997 I had been in Cardiovascular center(HERZ ZENTRUM) in (Bad krozingen ,Freiburg,Germany)for 3 months. 

➢ In 1999 I had been in Dar el Foad hospital(in cairo) in collaboration with Clevland Clinic(in USA) for 6 weeks in Cairo.

➢ In 2000 I finished my study as a medical student and had MB Bch, Cairo University .

➢ In 2000 I had been in Cardiovascular center(HERZ ZENTRUM) in (Bad krozingen,Frieburg,Germany)for 3 months.

➢ In 2005 I had been in Vascular centre in Berlin, Germany(Klinikum imFriedrichshain) for 1 week for training on Angioscopy.

➢ In 2005  had M.Sc .Degree in General Surgery.

➢ In  February 2006 I  had been elected as a member of the Royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh after passing the 3 parts of examination.{intercollegiate MRCS(Ed)}

➢ In September 2006, I had been in the  medical university of Graz in Transplant surgery unit for a month

➢ In june-september 2011 , I have been working as Vascular Surgery Consultant in King Fahd Hospital in Al baha (KSA)

➢ In 13-17 February . I had endovascular optimization course from Kiel university(Germany)

➢ InMay-July 2012 , I have been working as Vascular Surgery Consultant in King Khaled Hospital in Tabuk (KSA).

➢ In August-October 2013,I have working as Vascular surgery Consultant in RafhaaCentral Hospital in Rafhaa(KSA)

➢ In December 2014-March  2015,I have working as Vascular surgery Consultant in King Abdel Aziz specialized Hospital in Taif(KSA).


January 2006-December 2009         

Assistant Lecturer in General and vascular surgery



December 2009-December 2014 

Lecturer of General and vascular surgery




March 2002- March 2005​

Resident (Senior House Officer/Registrar),


in General and Vascular surgery, to Prof. Dr.Samir Galal. Cairo University Medical School, Cairo – Egypt.


March 2001 – February 2002​

Intern (House Officer)

, rotational scheme, Cairo University Medical School, Cairo –Egypt.




During the period of basic and specialist surgical training in Cairo University Medical School I was exposed to a wide variety of general and specialised surgical procedures.



I have wide experience in the following:


-​De novo construction of various arteriovenous shunts and fistulae as well as redo shunt surgery under field or regional anaesthesia


-​Insertion of peritoneal and venous catheters for dialysis


-​Interventional radiology, which plays an important role in maintaining the patency of arteriovenous fistulas. 


Vascular Surgery:


Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease and Aneurysm Surgery: I have done elective aneurysm repairs and aortic reconstructions for aorto-iliac occlusive disease. 

Occlusive peripheral vascular disease: over the years of my training I have performed ataniaarisatio and bypasses in peripheral vascular disease. I have also experience in distal and redo-arterial reconstruction.diabetic foot management.

Endovascular surgery: I have gained experience in angiography and angioplasty procedures in Iliac, Femoral and popliteal lesions and infrapopliteal disease, thrombolytic therapy ,caval filter insertion.

Vascular Access for Haemodialysis: I have experience in de novo construction of various arteriovenous shunts and fistulae as well as redo shunt surgery.

Venous Disease: I have wide experience in management of lower limb venous disease, including primary and redo-venous surgery for varicose veins for both long and short saphenous veins and surgery for incompetent perforators. I have experience in the management of venous ulcers. , ,sclerotherapy, transcutaneous laser treatment of telangiectasia.


Accident and Emergency department

1. Acute Surgical  disease and trauma team for 6 months every 18 months.once weekly(10/2010) to 3/2011)

2. Vascular emergencies and injuries once weekly (always)


Vascular Surgery:

I have experience in the different modalities of managing acute limb ischemia including arterial injury repair, embolectomy, and bypass surgery and on-table thrombolysis. 

Endovascular intervention

I have experience in endovascular management of aorto iliac occlusive disease.femorodistalocclusive disease, infrapopliteal disease, renal angioplasties.this includes percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and stent deployment.

I have also experience in Endovascular aneurysm repair(EVAR) with Cook and Medtronic companies

I have experience of insertions of caval filters, Hickmann catheter insertion, portacathinsertion,and peripherally inserted central catheters(PICC).I have used Hickmann catheters over 4 years now,over more than 500 cases in bone marrow transplantation

I have also experience in EVAR and TEVARprocedures including difficult and complicated cases including those who need debranching before surgery

I have experience in doing IVC filter insertions and removal.

I have also experience in doing catheter directed thrombolytic therapy in iliofemoral DVT through popliteal access.

I have also experience in doing catheter directed thrombolytic therapy in acute thrombotic limb ischemia.

I have also experience in using the IVUS in TEVAR and EVAR




General Surgery:


As part of my training I have performed a wide variety of general surgical procedures, which include:



Inguinal, paraumbilical and incisional herniorrhaphy and hernioplasty, including redo surgery. 



Isthmectomy, lobectomy, subtotal and total thyroidectomy.



Total mastectomy with axillary clearance, conservative breast surgery, major duct excision and subcutaneous mastectomy.

Portal hypertension: Splenectomy 

Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenal procedures: Subtotal oesophagectomy with partial gastrectomy, total and subtotal radical gastrectomy, truncal vagotomy with gastrojejunostomy or pyloroplasty, Heller cardiomyotomy, Nissen fundoplication and gastrostomy, total laryngo-pharyngo-oesophagectomy with gastric pull-up (assisted only).

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic procedures:Pancreaticoduodenectomy and hepatic resections (assisted only), hepaticojejunostomy, choledochoduodenostomy, cholecystojejunostomy,cholecystectomy and common bile duct exploration.

Intestinal and Colorectal procedures: Anterior resection, small bowel resection and anastomoses, right and left hemicolectomies, appendicectomy, construction of colostomies and ileostomies.

Laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures :cholecystectomy ,appendectomy, splenectomy,laparoscpic inguinal hernia repair(TAPP,TEP),Nissen funduplication,cardiomyotomyfor achalasia,morbid obesity surgery(Sleeve gastrectomy,gastric banding),diagnostic laparoscopy and adhesolysis for adhesive intestinal obstruction,thoracoscopic sympathectomy.laparoscopicsplenectomy.

Reconstructive procedures: Repair of traumatic cutaneous lesions and raw areas resulting from excision of neoplastic skin lesions using skin grafting and flaps, repair of tendons and nerves and scar revision. 

Head and neck procedures: superficial parotidectomy, parathyroidectomy(total,subtotal,either primary ,secondary or tertiary), submandibular sialadenectomyand block neck dissection.

Emergency Abdominal Surgery: I have performed a large number of laparotomies for trauma, GIT bleeding and peritonitis.​








I have always been involved in undergraduate teaching in all my training posts since 2002. As a resident this entailed conducting ward rounds with medical students. As a clinical tutor assistant this included clinical demonstrations and subject reviews for year fourth, fifth and sixth year medical students. I am involved in teaching for undergraduate students of the fifth & sixth year medical students ( curriculum of General surgery).

I am involved in all clinical round exams till 2014.

Since 2014 till now I conduct clinical teaching for General surgery curriculum

 ,and vascular surgery curriculum in sixth year.

I am also involved in all final exams(written,OSCE,VIVA) of the sixth year.




I have been teaching to house officers in all my training posts since 2002 and to SHOs since 2005. I have also conducted regular journal clubs for the department.

I am involved in teaching of the vascular surgery components in master degree of General surgery ,and in MD(Ph.D) of vascular surgery candidates




I travel once per month for one week(since October 2017 till now) to cover the vascular surgery elective and emergencies in Al Arish General Hospital in North Sinai .






I have been using computers for the last twelve years. I am capable of using different programs including word processing, power point presentation, Excel, etc. I own a personal computer, which I use regularly to generate slides, store and analyse data.




1. As a Resident in Cairo University Hospitals I was assigned as Administrative Medical Officer with responsibilities covering the hospital departments.


2. As a Resident in Cairo University Hospitals I was in charge of organizing the on-call rotation for residents, and the weekly schedule of the junior doctors.

3.I am the general manager of all operating theaters in Kasr alainy teaching hospital (90 operating theaters) since 2016 till now








I practised my undergraduate electives, internship,residency and post BST tr posts in Cairo University Medical School Hospital, a 3000-bed institution located in the centre of Cairo. It is the oldest and largest university hospital in the Middle East, established in 1827. 

1. January 2005 to November 2009 :     Assistant clinical tutor in General

                                                                  Surgery, CairoUniversity Medical 



This post involves working in the department of General Surgery (520 beds) in Cairo University Medical SchoolHospital (a tertiary referral centre in the various medical and surgical specialities with over 3000 beds). The department of General Surgery is further subdivided into 13 units; 5 Visceral and Vascular Surgery units, 4 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery units, 2 Breast and Endocrine Surgery units, 1 Laparoscopic Surgery unit and 1 Paediatric Surgery unit.  I work in one of the Visceral and vascular Surgery units. Our unit alone (40 beds) is responsible for an average of nine hundred (900) elective and three hundred (300) emergency visceral and vascular procedures annually. 



Clinical sessions:

This post involved attending 3 elective operating lists, 2ward rounds and 1 outpatient clinic weekly, as well as one 24-hour duty of Trauma and vascular emergencies every week.

Teaching sessions:



I conduct clinical demonstrations and ward rounds with 4th , 5th ,and 6 th year students twice a week since 2005.




I have been teaching to house officers and senior house officers in all my training posts since 2005. I have also helped running journal clubs.



2. April 2002-April 2005

Resident in General, Vascular surgery, Cairo University Medical School, Cairo – Egypt.


Clinical sessions:


I was responsible for the care of 40 surgical beds. My appointment as a resident involved history taking and clinical examination of newly admitted patients, as well as responsibility for tailoring preoperative laboratory and radiological investigations and assessments of the non surgical medical conditions of the patients. I observed, assisted in, and was supervised during the performance of a vast number of surgical procedures both on elective and emergency basis. I was responsible for the postoperative care, detecting and managing postoperative complications as well as the follow-up of the patients after discharge. 


My weekly routine

 as a resident (SHO) was as follows: twice a week I was on duty in the operating theatres, each time from 8:00 till 17:00, for performance of our elective surgical operations, which included major vascular surgery in addition to hernia, thyroid and breast surgery, Hepatobiliary, including laparoscopic surgery, upper gastrointestinal surgery and colorectal surgery.

Emergency surgical procedures were performed any time, according to necessity, in the emergency surgery theatres. I had a weekly out-patient clinic duty from 9 a.m. to 1 p. m. for the follow-up of already discharged patients, for management of new patients on out-patient basis, as well as admission of new surgical patients, and accepting referral of patients from non surgical wards for management of their surgical problems. 


Senior staff member (Consultant) rounds 

took place twice a week. I also had direct access to the Head Professor of our department seven days a week, who was also in charge of the two major staff rounds. 


During the trauma, accident and emergency surgery rotation I was exposed to a wide variety of general surgical procedures including major trauma. My weekly routine was as follows: three eight-hour shifts in the ER, three twelve-hour shifts in the ward, and one 24-hour operating theatre duty.


Research and Audit sessions:


1. I was responsible for the preparation and presentation of morbidity and mortality meetings.

2. A teaching conference of the whole department was held on a weekly basis, in which I used to present a summary of the admitted, operated and discharged cases.

3. I performed my MSc. Thesis during the time span of this post.



3. March 2001 – February 2002

House officer, rotational scheme, Cairo University Medical School, Cairo – Egypt.


I spent over half of my 12 – month rotation in surgery-related disciplines; one month in oncosurgery, one month in accident and emergency surgery, two months of elective general surgery, two months of obstetrics and gynaecology. 





MSc degree in General Surgery, 2005:


Angioscopy in Management of Arterial Disorders (An Experimental Canine Study)

submitted in fulfilment of the M.Sc. degree  

Department of General Surgery, Cairo University    



-​Prof.Dr. Samir A.Galal: M.D., F.R.C.S (Ed)- Chairman of the General surgery department, Cairo University

-​Prof.Dr Ezz Eldin Korashi, M.D., F.R.C.S(Ed): - Professor of General surgery, Cairo University.

-​Dr. Usama Saeed Imam, M.D.:-Lecturer of General surgery, Cairo University. 


International Master of mini invasive surgery and Technologies 2007

Scuola Superiore di Catania,Universita degli Studi di Catania.


Laparoscopic Live Donor nephrectomy.Onehundred cases with short steady learning curve.




Prof. Dr,Domenico Russello..Professor of General surgery. Scuola Superiore di Catania ,University of Catania.Catania-Italy.

Prof.Dr.Andrea Pietrabissa. Division of General Surgery and Transplantation. University of Pisa ,Pisa-Italy.



M.D. degree in general surgery 2009

Treatment of microvaricosities of lower limbs by three different laser and light modalities(comparative prospective study)


submitted in fulfilment of the M.D. degree 

Department of General Surgery, Cairo University    



-​Prof.Dr. Ahmed Tarek Atta: M.D., Professor of General  and Plastic Surgery, Cairo University

-​Prof.Dr Hassan Soliman, M.D., Professor of General and Vascular  surgery, Cairo University.

-​Prof Dr. Tarek el wakeel, M.D.:-Professor of General surgery,The National institute of Laser enhanced sciences. Cairo University. 


Endovascular management of  infrapopliteal disease in critical limb ischemia

submitted in fulfilment of the  kiel university fellowship(Fellowship of peripheral Endovascular Intervention(FEIN) in 2012

I have got the prize of having the best thesis and presentation