DNA Methylation biomarkers for Body Fluid Identification.

Abdel Aziz, A. T., and A. A. Abou-Elalla, "DNA Methylation biomarkers for Body Fluid Identification.", The Arab Journal of Laboratory Medicine, vol. 44, issue 3, pp. 633-641, 2019.


Background: Identification of body fluid in medicine is important. DNA methylation profiling is a promising new tool for distinguishing between different types of body fluids.
Aim: In this study, 4 epigenetic markers were selected (MGMT, LINE-1, MT2A AND FGF7) which were expected to show differential DNA methylation profiles among various body fluids.
Subjects and methods: Peripheral blood (n=52), saliva (n=52), semen (n=26) and menstrual blood samples (n=26) were collected. DNA extraction, bisulfite treatment and the methylation pattern comparisons between the different body fluids at different age and sex groups were carried out using quantitative real time PCR.
Results: MGMT epigenetic marker shows a differential methylation pattern in blood compared with other body fluids, FGF7 marker displayed a differential methylation pattern in semen. Methylation profile of LINE-1 successfully differentiated saliva from the other 3 biofluids. Hypermethylation was estimated for MT2A in saliva and semen. However, MT2A showed no significant difference between menstrual blood and other body fluids rendering them indistinguishable.
Conclusion: LINE-1, FGF7 and MGMT could be useful markers for body fluid identification.
Keywords: Body fluid identification, MGMT, LINE-1, MT2A, FGF7.