Awareness of the Egyptian public about COVID-19: what we do and do not know

Sabry, N., S. ElHadidi, A. Kamel, M. Abbassi, and S. Farid, "Awareness of the Egyptian public about COVID-19: what we do and do not know", Informatics for Health and Social Care, vol. 46, no. 3: Taylor and Francis Ltd., pp. 244-255, 2021.


To survey the health-seeking behaviors and perspectives of the Egyptian population toward the COVID-19 pandemic. A descriptive survey was designed and disseminated via social media platforms. The survey consisted of 32 questions addressing respondent’s demographics, knowledge, practice, and attitude toward the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 25,994 Egyptians participated in the survey from the 29 Egyptian governorates. More than 99% of the respondents were aware of the COVID-19 pandemic. Responses showed split opinions regarding whether people should wear gloves or masks to prevent COVID-19 infection (47.7% and 49.5% replied with “False”, respectively). Almost one-quarter (23.1%) of the respondents went to crowded places during the last 14 days. Calling the emergency hotline and self-isolation at home were the most frequent practices to deal with COVID-19 symptoms (34.1% and 44.5%, respectively). A total of 85% of respondents reported their confidence in the Egyptian healthcare system to win the battle against COVID-19 despite the challenges. A vast majority of this large population sample reported reasonable knowledge levels and potentially appropriate practices toward COVID-19. © 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.


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