Suprameniscal Portal for Repairing Meniscal Root Tears.

Din, A. F. S. E., and A. Khedr, "Suprameniscal Portal for Repairing Meniscal Root Tears.", Arthroscopy techniques, vol. 10, issue 6, pp. e1627-e1632, 2021.


Several techniques and portals have been described for meniscal root repairs. Some authors describe using anterior portals for suture passing and manipulation of meniscal tissue, with some risk of iatrogenic chondral injuries reported. Other authors describe using posterior portals to avoid this risk. In this technique, we used a suprameniscal portal, which allowed a good trajectory for passing sutures in the meniscal tissue with minimal risk of iatrogenic chondral damage without the need to use posterior portals. The meniscal bed is first prepared. The suprameniscal portal is created in 15° of knee flexion and used to pass 2 sutures through the meniscus by a Lasso. The sutures are tied in a cinch configuration, shuttled through the tibial tunnel, and tied over a Dog Bone button.