Dynamic Investigation of Cultural Heritage Buildings for Seismic Safety Assessment

Elyamani, A., P. Roca, O. Caselles, and J. Clapes, "Dynamic Investigation of Cultural Heritage Buildings for Seismic Safety Assessment", Handbook of Cultural Heritage Analysis, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 1187 - 1220, 2022.


Cultural heritage buildings are prone to failures when subjected to seismic events, and recent earthquakes worldwide resulted in many losses of these buildings. Therefore, there is a need for methodologies for assessing their seismic safety that should be based on enough knowledge of the building. Here, dynamic investigation by dynamic identification testing and dynamic monitoring increase significantly the level of knowledge about the assessed building. The dynamic identification tests give global information about the dynamic properties like natural frequencies that are useful in calibrating and updating a numerical model of the building that could be used in the seismic safety evaluation. Dynamic monitoring gives the dynamic properties’ evolution in time and may be used as an early warning tool able to send alarms when meaningful changes in dynamic properties are observed. This chapter gives some considerations on the different investigation activities of dynamic identification, dynamic monitoring, numerical model updating, and seismic safety assessment of cultural heritage buildings. As an application, the case study of the historic Mallorca cathedral is discussed.



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