Dynamic changes of brain functional states during surgical skill acquisition.

Shafiei, S. B., A. A. Hussein, and K. A. Guru, "Dynamic changes of brain functional states during surgical skill acquisition.", PloS one, vol. 13, issue 10, pp. e0204836, 2018.


There is lack of a standardized measure of technical proficiency and skill acquisition for robot-assisted surgery (RAS). Learning surgical skills, in addition to the interaction with the machine and the new surgical environment adds to the complexity of the learning process. Moreover, evaluation of surgeon performance in operating room is required to optimize patient safety. In this study, we investigated the dynamic changes of RAS trainee's brain functional states by practice. We also developed brain functional state measurements to find the relationship between RAS skill acquisition (especially human-machine interaction skills) and reconfiguration of brain functional states. This relationship may help in providing trainees with helpful, structured feedback regarding skills requiring improvement and will help in tailoring training activities.