Dr. Hussein graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in Egypt in 2007 (Excellence, with honors). He completed his Urology residency in Cairo University Hospitals in 2013, where he was appointed as a Demonstrator then Assistant Lecturer of Urology. He completed his Masters (MSc) degree in Urology and Andrology from Cairo University in 2012, and the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) of London, UK in 2013. Afterwards, he was awarded the prestigious Société Internationale d’Urologie-University of California in San Francisco (SIU-UCSF) research fellowship. Dr. Hussein worked with the wrold renowned Urology leaders and developed strong interest in several key aspects of Urology, including the cost-effectiveness of different treatment strategies for prostate cancer, imaging and outcomes of active surveillance.

He joined the Urologic Oncology fellowship program at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in May 2015, where he pursued extensive research in the outcomes of robot-assisted radical cystctomy. As part of The Applied Technology Laboratory for Advanced Surgery (ATLAS) program, he further worked on development and validation of patient and surgeon education tools. Another key aspect of his research include safe brain-computer interface, cognitive interaction, artificial intelligence and enhancement of patient safety through optimization of communication and surgical team dynamics, as well as minimizing surgical flow disruptions.

Dr Hussein is a member of the American, European and Egyptian Urological Associations, as well as Société Internationale d’Urologie and the Royal College of Surgeons.

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