A Development Framework for Integrating MIS and BPMS

Hassanein, A. A. A., A Development Framework for Integrating MIS and BPMS, , Giza, Cairo University, 2017.

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For the organization to manage their business needs and attain competitive advantage it is
imperative to use different types of Information systems to support two main areas: namely
the transactions and data management as well as the business process management. Having
a number of disparate systems could result into the repetition of work and present data
inconsistencies. Thus the integration of these systems became of an extreme importance.
The principle key objective of this research is to propose a framework for the development
of an integrated and unified information system that will offer all the functions and features
of both Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and the Business Process
Management Systems (BMPS). This will provide the different organizations with the
capability to eliminate the repetition of work and removing the inconsistencies of having
two different systems.
The proposed framework reduces the cost of integrating such systems as well as increasing
the speed of their development process. It will be based on the Model-View-Controller
(MVC) design pattern. Justification for the choice is presented.
The proposed framework is evaluated through presenting three case studies which
compare the proposed framework results with other methods which achieve the ERP-BPM
integration specifically the process code embedding method which is the other alternative
method to achieve the integration during the development of the system.
The results of the comparison show that faster development and reduced number of lines
of code are used by average 24% leading to reducing the man/day cost needed to complete
the system development by average 22.7%


ERP, BPMS, ERP-BPM Integration, Hybrid Information Systems