Proessor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology




NAME:                           Ahmed Mahmoud Mostafa Aboul-Enein



: Dec. 16, 1945  Sharkia, Egypt



:            Egyptian



:     Married, 3 children



:  Professor of Biochemistry and   

                                          Molecular Biology



      Biochemistry, Natural products

                                          bioassay, toxicology and molecular biology



:   Biochemistry Department, Faculty of  

                                          Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

                                          Telefax: (202) 7742600


                 28 El Shatory Str.,Dokki- Giza, Cairo   


                                          Tel. home (202)37499319, Office

                                           (202)37742600  Mobile 010615112


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    August 2006 –Present:   Professor (emeritus)          

    June 1986 – July 2006:  Professor, Biochemistry Department,  

                                              Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University,    

                                              Giza, Egypt

     June 1981 – May 1985: Associate Professor, Biochemistry

                                             Department, Faculty of Agriculture,   

                                             Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

     June 1976 – May 1981: Assistant Professor, Biochemistry   

                                            Department, Fac. of Agric. Cairo  

                                            University, Egypt

     June 1972 – May 1976:  Lecturer Assistant, Biochemistry

                                            Department, Fac. of Agric., Cairo 

                                            University, Giza, Egypt

     Sept. 1967 – May 1972: Demonstrator, Biochemistry Department,

                                            Fac. Agric., Cairo University




      (Under-graduate courses, Most of the chemistry courses (organic,                                 

       analytical, general biochemistry, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids,


      (Post-graduate courses)    Advanced biochemistry, Biological   

       changes, Metabolism, Nucleic acids chemistry, Molecular Biology,              

       Metabolic Regulation and chemical Toxicology)




     The previous courses were teaching in Faculties of Agriculture       

     (Cairo University, Giza and Fayum as well as Minia University,     

     Egypt) and Faculty Medical Technology, University of Tripoli,    




1-    (Oct. 1982-Jan. 1983): Post doctorate fellow World Bank),       

     Biochemistry and Nutrition Department, Maryland University,  


2- (Oct. 1985 – Dec. 1987): Research Visitor fellow, Max-Planck       

     Institute for Radiation Chemistry, (Radiation Biology), Mulheim      

     a.d. Rhur, West Germany





     In M.S. study the meat  proteins of Egyptian poultry  was analyzed for          their amino acid contents and electrophoretic separation of soluble     proteins. The analysis included the different organs of each poultry                                               For Ph. D research, different tumor cells were transplanted into mice,        then the carbohydrate,  protein and lipid metabolism were studied at

    different periods of tumor growth. The analysis of different chemical         

    compounds and enzymes activities was proceeded in ifferent organs    

    blood, liver and spleen) as well as in tumor cells.


    After the Ph. D study until now several research studies were done on   

       the different subjects of biochemistry, natural products and chemical toxicology. The effect of plant extracts and their active principles as hypoglycemic, hypercholesterolemia and anticancer was studied. The effect of irradiation and chemical drugs and insecticides on the metabolic consequences and nucleic acids was also evaluated. Recently, genetic engineering tools and techniques for understanding the mechanism of nature anticancer at the molecular levels were used and applied. Also, the functional foods in relation to health care and nature materials was one of our interest.          


       During that period about 40 M. Sc. and 30 Ph. D theses were done   

       under my supervision on the area of biochemistry, molecular biology biotechnology, medical sciences and environmental toxicology. A lot of research works have been done in the area of natural products, extracts and compounds as antioxidants, ant mutagens and anticancer. The mode of action of the effect was evaluated at the biochemical and molecular levels.




(see appendix 1)

Participation in several scientific meetings, workshops and conferences, local and abroad (Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa,

     Gaza-Palestine, Germany, Morocco, Turkey, USA, China and Poland.                                                                      

     In addition to local meetings, conferences in the area of interest. (10           

     Training courses, 15 workshops and 30 Meeting and Conferences).




      More than 85 published papers in local and international Journals      

      (See attached).




More than 40 master and 30 Ph. D  thesis were completed under my           supervision in the area of biochemistry, food chemistry and nutrition, food contamination and health care, biological activity of natural products as antioxidants, antimicrobial, antimutagenic and anticancer as well as molecular biology and genetic engineering.




         1- The Egyptian Society of Chemistry

         2- The Egyptian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

         3- The Egyptian Society of Toxicology

         4- The Society of Environment Protection (Youth Researchers)

         5- Pan African Environmental Mutagen Society (PAEMS)

         6- Initiative and Development of Indigenous Food in Africa  

              (IDIFA) (P.I in Egypt) 

         7- American Association for Cancer Research, AACR (Active  

             member # 249080)           



         1- Scientific Consultant of Interfarm Medical Company

    2- Scientific Advisor and Scientific Consultants of Protein        

      Engineering Program, Mubark City  

      for Scientific and Applied Technology (Institute of Genetic      

        Engineering and Biotechnology) and a member of Promotion   

        Committee for Associate Professors and Professors of the same   


    3- Member in different committees of scientific equipment,   

        laboratory requirements, foreign affairs in the faculty and        


         4- Member of Scientific Committee for associate

              Professors promotion in Egypt and Arab countries.

         5- Member of Scientific Committee for professors promotion and  

             evaluation in biochemistry (Egypt).

         6- Member of Scientific Committee for associate professors and  

             professors in biological and medical sciences, Radiation Research  

             and Technology Institute, Atomic Agency, Cairo, Egypt.

         7- Member of Committee evaluation for associate professors and  

             professors in Drug Research and Control Agency, Cairo Egypt.  

             and in agricultural biochemistry, nutritional and pharmacological

             sciences (Saudi Arabia universities).

         8- Preparing of different Technical and scientific Reports.



1-    Organizing and participation in several training courses and   

      programs in the field of molecular biology, DNA techniques,  

      bioavailability of natural compounds, biosafety and biassays.

2-    Preparing and sharing in Establishing of specific laboratories  

     (protein techniques, molecular biology and genotexicity)




Introducing several lectures and meeting (as social activity) in the              area of food safety, culture, life style and dietary habits, stress                   and pollution effects in relation to hyperkenesis (civilization                      syndrome)



1-    Editor in chief

of "World Journal of Agricultural Sciences"

2-    Reviewer of articles for several journals (in Egypt and abroad)

        3- Reviewer of projects for national funding bodies (in Egypt and                 abroad).

        4- Reviewer for more than M. Sc. And Ph. D theses in biochemistry,             nutrition, molecular biology and natural products in faculties of  

            agriculture, science, pharmacology, medicine and veterinary




Principal investigator for different scientific projects in Egypt (funded by Scientific and Technology Development Fund, STDF,  or Ministry of Higher Education or Academy of Science as well as   PI for Egyptian team in joint project program (Egypt-Morocco). Also, is a Co principal investigator and member in other scientific projects.

The project areas are: biological activities of natural products (plants, algae, fungi, etc.), functional foods, natural compounds as drugs, recycling of byproducts.




(EN) Biocine S2HA

: a biocontrol substance for controlling Brown Rot Disease on Potato. Latest bibliographic data on file with International Bureau.

Pub. No.: WO/2006/069588           International Application No.: PCT/EG2005/000041            

Publication Date: 06.07.2006         International Filling Date: 21.12.2005  Priority Date: 200510007    02.01.2005    EG




: Gene cloning of human insulin gene into yeast (modified safe strain for insulin expression and production). Science and Technology Academe, Egypt, 2005020068 (2005).




: Spirulina platensis, an algae strain isolated from  Mariot Lake, Egypt, used for medical, food and environment applications. Science and Technology Academe, Egypt, 2006110076 (2006).