Dr. Hassan is a Professor of Groundwater Hydrology at the Irrigation and Hydraulics Department at Cairo University. Dr. Hassan's research interests include 1) Stochastic analysis and modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the subsurface, 2) Development of novel numerical approaches using evolutionary computational techniques, 3) Development of approaches for groundwater model validation, 4) Design of cost-effective monitoring well networks for groundwater contaminated sites, 5) Analysis of the interactions between colloids, bacteria, contaminants and geologic media, 6) Characterization of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in subsurface systems, 7) Benchmarking of irrigation and drainage practices, 8) Integrated management of water resources, 9) Strategic assessment of water resources and development plans 

Dr. Hassan has more than 25 years of experience as a researcher and a consultant in environmental projects related to water resources and in particular groundwater problems. For about 18 months, Dr. Hassan worked as an Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation supervising and overseeing the development of strategic plans and mega projects for the water sector in Egypt. Dr. Hassan obtained his Ph.D. in 1996 from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, in the field of groundwater hydrology and contaminant transport in the subsurface. Since then he has been involved with national and international agencies in studies related to environmental assessment and management of groundwater resources. In addition, Dr. Hassan has a Masters degree in Business Administration form the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.  Dr. Hassan has more than 30 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals with relatively high impact factors in the engineering sector.