Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif is Associate Professor of Poultry Nutrition at Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture,CairoUniversity.


PhD degree fromCollegeofAnimal Scienceand Technology,NorthwestA&FUniversity, Yangling,Shannxi,China(May 2013)

Thesis Title: Effects of Dietary L-Arginine Supplementation on Performance, Abdominal Fat Content, and Lipid Metabolism in Broiler chickens

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Yao Junhu.

M.Sc. degree from Animal Production Department, Faculty of Agriculture,Cairo University,Egypt(December 2008)

Thesis Title: Response of Laying Hens Performance to some Dietary Vitamins and Minerals

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Osama El-Husseiny

B.Sc. degree from Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture,CairoUniversity(June 2005) graded Excellent with Honor.


Ranked 1st Europe/Africa/ Middle East Graduated Competition for the 2013 Alltech’s Young Scientist Award

Research Interests

Poultry nutrition
Enhancing nutritional value of eggs and poultry meat with additives
Alleviating the impact of heat stress in poultry through nutrition