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Manal Mohamed Ahmed Assist. Lecturer of Pediatric, N. B., C. U. AfkarRagab MohammedAssist. Prof. Pediatric Nursing, B. U. Madiha Hassan Bayoumi Lecturer of Pediatric Nursing, and A. M. Z. P. P. S. F. M. A. S. of University, "Self Management Program for Mothers of Children with Stoma", 2nd. international Conference - Faculty of Nursing , Faculty of Nursing Cairo University, 26 March/ 201, 2013. 12.pdf
t, A. R. M. A. P. P. N. C. U. /, Nesreen Sayed Mohammed, Lecturer of. Pediatric Nursing / Cairo University, and M. H. B. L. P. N. B. / of University, "Supportive Strategies Regarding Accidents Prevention for Mothers of Children Under Five Years Old", Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, vol. Vol.3, No.20, issue 2224-3208 2225-093X, pp. 1-11, 2013. 9825-12028-1-pb.pdf