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Conference Paper
El-Hattab, A. H., A. T. I. Hanish., E. O. Abustiet, and S. A. Shaban, A-simple greenhouse bioassay for residues of some sugar beet herbicides, , November 28-29, 1998.
Shaban, S. A., E. O. Abusteit, A. S. Kamel, D. Miller, and S. Touima, Allelopathic effect of Alfalfa. Sixth Arab Congress of plant protection, , Beirut, Lebanon., October 27-31, 1997.
Shaban, S. A., D. A. Miller, S. E. Toaima, A. S. Kamel, and E. O. Abusteit, The Allelopathic effect of sweet clover and red clover .The Eighth Conference of Agronomy, , November 28-29, 1998.
Abusteit, E. O., S.S.El-Khanagry., S. A. Shaban, and M. S. A. El-Raouf, Cumulative average of weed presence in wheat in Northern Egypt. 6th EWRS Mediterranean Symposium, , 1998.
El-Hattab, A. H., T. I. Al-Hanish, E.O.Abusteit, and S. A. Shaban, Physiological responses of Sugar beet varieties to some soil herbicides, , September , 1996.
El-Hattab, A. H., A. T. I. Hanish., E. O. Abustiet, and S. A. Shaban, Residual effect of soil sugar beet herbicides on succeeding maize and soybean yields, , September , 1996.
Journal Article
Parker, C. E., G. H. Degen, E. O. Abusteit, and F. T. Corbin, "The determination of metribuzin and its metabolites by high pressure liquid chromatography", Journal of liquid chromatography, vol. 4, pp. 725-742, 1983.
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