Name :  Tarek Hanafi Mohamed Abou-El-Enien
Nationality :  Egyptian,
Sex :  Male,
Current Position :  Professor of Mathematical Programming
Affiliation   : Department of O.R. & D. S.- Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence,(Formerly: Faculty of  Computers &  Information)  – Cairo  University.
Educational Background:
1) Ph.D. degree–Pure Mathematics (Operations Research)-2000
    Dep.of Math.-Faculty of Science -Tanta University-Egypt
2) M.Sc. degree-Pure Mathematics-1995, Dep.of  Math.-Faculty of 
    Science - Helwan University-Egypt
3) B.Sc. degree –Mathematics-1989 , Dep. of Math.-Faculty of Science – 
    Helwan University-Egypt

Address for Correspondence :

Cairo University, Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence (Formerly: Faculty of  Computers and   Information),  Department of  O.R & D.S.,   5 Dr. Ahmed Zoweil St. ,Orman ,  Postal Code 12613,  Giza, Egypt.

Phone (Mobile): 002-01125284098
Fax  : 002-0233350109    
e-mail  :