Three different classifiers for facial age estimation based on K-nearest neighbor

Alaa Tharwat, Ahmed M. Ghanem, and A. E. Hassanien, "Three different classifiers for facial age estimation based on K-nearest neighbor", The 9th IEEE International Computer Engineering Conference (ICENCO 2013) - pp. 55 - 60 , 2013, Cairo, EGYPT -, December 29-30, , 2013.

Date Presented:

December 29-30,

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The exact age estimation is often treated as a classification problem; while it can be formulated as a regression problem. In this article, three different classifiers based on KNN classifier's concept forfacial age estimation were designed and developed to achieve high efficiency calculation of facialage estimation. In the first classifier, we adopt KNN-distance approach to calculate minimum distance between test face image and all instances belong to the class that has the highest number of nearestsamples. Additionally, in the second classifier a modified-KNN version was proposed and theclassifier scoring results interpolated to calculate the exact age estimation. Furthermore, KNN-regression classifier as third classifier that used to combine the classification and regression approaches to improve the accuracy of the age estimation system. Moreover, we compared ageestimation errors under two situations: case 1, age estimation is performed without discrimination between males and females (gender unknown); and case 2, age estimation is performed for males and females separately (gender known). Results of experiments conducted on well know benchmark FG-NET Database show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.