Social Networks Security

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Salama, M., M. Panda, Y. Elbarawy, A. E. Hassanien, and A. Abraham, "Social Networks Security and Privacy: Basics,Threats and Case Study to Visualize Foreign Terrorist Network dataset", Computational Social Networks: Security and Privacy, London, Series in Computer Communications and Networks, Springer Verlag, , 2012. Abstract

The continuous self-growing nature of social networks makes it hard to define a line of safety around these networks. Users in social networks are not interacting with the web only, but also with trusted groups that may contain enemies. There are different kinds of attacks on these networks including causing damage to the computer systems and steeling information about users. These attacks are not affecting individuals only, but also the organizations they are belonging to. Protection from these attacks should be performed by the users and security experts of the network. Advices should be provided to users of these social networks. Also security-experts should be sure that the contents transmitted through the network do not contain malicious or harmful data. This chapter shows the security risks and the tasks applied to minimize those risks. Explain the most famous ways that attackers and malicious use. Then show the security measures for each way. Also present a security guide and a social network security and privacy made in 2011, and finally a case study about the list of Foreign Terrorist Network dataset.