Recommender System

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Banerjee, S., N. Ghali, and A. E. Hassanien, Investigating Optimization in Retail Inventory: A Bio-inspired Perspective towards Retail Recommender System, , 2012. Abstract

Interaction with different person leads to different kinds of ideas and sharing or some nourishing effects which might influence others to believe or trust or even join some association and subsequently become the member of that community. This will facilitate to enjoy all kinds of social privileges. These concepts of grouping similar objects can be experienced as well as could be implemented on any social networks. The concept of homophily
could assist to design the affiliation graph with similar and close similar entities of every member of any social network which tends identifying the most popular community. This paper propose and discuss a novel data-mining algorithm from the perspective of graph properties of a social network such as
embeddedness, betweenness and graph occupancy. Finally, the implication of homophily graph for cultivating leading community of social network has also been solicited.