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M.Moftah, H., A. E. Hassanien, N. Ghali, and M. Shoman, Multi-objective optimization K-mean segmentation approach for MRI Breast Images, , 2012. Abstract

The objective of this paper is to evaluate a new approach intended for reliable MRI breast image segmentation. It is based on the concepts of multi-objective and adaptation to identify target objects through an optimization methodology which keeps the optimum result during its iterations. The proposed approach were used to improve and enhance the traditional k-means clustering algorithm to be more effective and efficient. The clustering and breast cancer segmentation are implemented in the proposed approach at the same time by using the concept of multiobjective, and adaptation continually, in each iteration and then maintaining the best results. To evaluate performance of the presented approach, we run tests over different MRI breast images. The experimental results show that the overall accuracy offered by the multiobjective proposed k-means is high compared with standard K-mean clustering technique.