A Robust 3D Mesh Watermarking Approach Using Genetic Algorithms

Soliman, M. M., A. E. Hassanien, and H. M. Onsi, "A Robust 3D Mesh Watermarking Approach Using Genetic Algorithms", IEEE Intelligent Systems'2014, Poland - Warsaw , 24 -26 Sept. , 2014.

Date Presented:

24 -26 Sept.


This paper proposes a new approach of 3D watermarking by ensuring the optimal preservation of mesh surfaces. The minimal surface distortion is enforced during watermark embedding stage using Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization. The watermark embedding is performed only on set of selected vertices come out from k-means clustering technique. These vertices are used as candidates for watermark carriers that will hold watermark bits stream. A 3D surface preservation function is defined according to the distance of a vertex displaced by watermarking to the original surface. A study of the proposed methodology has high robustness against the common mesh attacks while preserving the original object surface during watermarking.

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