RoadMonitor: An Intelligent Road Surface Condition Monitoring System

Adham Mohamed, H. M. Zawbaa, M. M. M. Fouad, Esraa Elhariri, N. El-Bendary, Mohamed Tahoun, and A. E. Hassanine, "RoadMonitor: An Intelligent Road Surface Condition Monitoring System", IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Systems (2) 2014: 377-387, Poland - Warsaw , 24 -26 Sept. , 2014.

Date Presented:

24 -26 Sept.


Well maintained road network is an essential requirement for the safety and consistency of vehicles moving on that road and the wellbeing of people in those vehicles. On the other hand, guaranteeing an adequate maintenance by road managers can be achieved via having sufficient and accurate information concerning road infrastructure quality that can be as well utilized concurrently by the widespread means of users’ mobile devices both locally and worldwide. This article proposes a road condition monitoring framework that detects the road anomalies such as speed bumps. In the proposed approach, the main indicator for road anomalies is the gyroscope around gravity rotation in addition to the accelerometer sensor as a cross-validation method to confirm the detection results that were gathered from the gyroscope.

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