Remote sensing image fusion approach based on Brovey and wavelets transforms

Reham Gharbia, Ali Hassan El Baz, A. E. Hassanien, and M. F.Tolba, Remote sensing image fusion approach based on Brovey and wavelets transforms, , 2014.


This paper proposes a remote sensing image fusion approach
based on a modi ed version of Brovey transform and wavelets. The aim is
to reduce the spectral distortion in the Brovey transform and spatial dis-
tortion in the wavelets transform. The remote sensing data sets has been
chosen for the image fusion process and the data sets were selected from
di erent satellite images in south western Sinai, Egypt. Experiments were
conducted on a variety of images, and the results of the proposed image
fusion approach were compared with principle component analysis and
the traditional Brovey approach. The obtained results show that the
proposed approach achieves less de
ection and reduces the distortion.
Several quality evaluation metrics were used for the proposed image fu-
sion like standard deviation, correlation coecient, entropy information,
peak signal to noise ratio, root mean square error and structural simi-
larity index. Experimental results obtained from proposed image fusion
approach prove that the use of the Brovey with wavelets can eciently
preserve the spectral information while improving the spatial resolution
of the remote sensing.

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