Pairwise Global Sequence Alignment Using Sine-Cosine Optimization Algorithm

Issa, M., and A. E. Hassanien, "Pairwise Global Sequence Alignment Using Sine-Cosine Optimization Algorithm", AMLTA 2018: The International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications (AMLTA2018), Cairo, 23 Feb, 2018.

Date Presented:

23 Feb


Pairwise global sequence alignment is a vital process for finding functional and evolutionary similarity between biological sequences. The main usage of it is searching biological databases for finding the origin of unknown sequence. The standard global alignment based on dynamic programming approach which produces the accurate alignment but with extensive execution time. In this paper, Sine-Cosine optimization algorithm was used for accelerating pairwise global alignment with alignment score near one produced by dynamic programming alignment. The reason for using Sine-Cosine optimization is its excellent exploration of the search space. The developed technique was tested on human and mouse protein sequences and its success for finding alignment similarity 75% of that produced by standard technique.

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