An Orphan Drug Legislation System

Abdelaziz, A., A. Adl, Moustafa Zein, M. Atef, K. K. A. Ghany, and A. E. Hassanien, "An Orphan Drug Legislation System", IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Systems (2) 2014: 389-399, Poland - Warsaw , 24 -26 Sept. , 2014.

Date Presented:

24 -26 Sept.


Orphan drugs are a treatment for rare diseases. From that, comes the importance of orphan drug development and discovery. For an orphan drug to be approved by the FDA, it does not have to be similar to any approved orphan drug. So chemists opinions are important to determine the probability of similarity. It is too hard to check all orphan drugs for any rare disease. It takes a long time and big effort, so we introduce in this study a system that classifies the orphan drugs according to their probability of structural similarity. It also compares between them and the unauthorized orphan drug to determine the closest orphan drug to it. That system helps chemists to study a certain orphan database using the five features. That system provides better results. It provides chemists with the clusters of orphan drugs after adding the drug that needs to be authorized to its cluster.

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