Molecular classification of Newcastle disease virus based on degree of virulence

Saleh Esmate Aly, H. I. Elshazly, A. F. Ali, H. A. Hussein, G. Schaefer, and M. A. R. Ahad, "Molecular classification of Newcastle disease virus based on degree of virulence", The 3rd Intl. Conf. on Informatics, Electronics & Vision. (ICIEV2014), Dhaka - Bangladesh, 23-24 May , 2014.

Date Presented:

23-24 May

Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the most serious
infectious diseases of poultry, which have an important economic
impact on poultry sector production. The causative agent of
the disease is Newcastle disease virus (NDV). NDV strains can
be classified into two types according to virulence, namely
highly virulent (velogenic) and nonvirulent (lentogenic) based
on their pathogenicity in chickens. In this paper, we address
the problem of classifying the new isolated sequence of the
newcastle disease virus according to the fusion protein. In order
to classify the degree of virulence of the newcastle virus, we
propose a new approach based on the rotation forest algorithm.
The performance of our approach is evaluated and compared
with 3 benchmark algorithms. The results show that the proposed
algorithm is able to achieve perfect recognition on the benchmark