Intelligent Machine Learning in Image Authentication.

Lamiaa M. El Bakrawy, N. I.Ghali, and A. E. Hassanien, "Intelligent Machine Learning in Image Authentication.", signal processing system, vol. 78, issue 2, pp. 223-237 , 2015.

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Image authentication techniques have recently gained great attention due to its importance for a large number of multimedia applications. Digital images are increasingly transmitted over non-secure channels such as the Internet. Therefore, military, medical and quality control images must be protected against attempts to manipulate them; such manipulations could tamper the decisions based on these im- ages. To protect the authenticity of multimedia images, there are several approaches including conventional cryptography, fragile and semi-fragile watermarking and dig- ital signatures that are based on the image content. The aim of this paper is to present a review on different Machine learning techniques as Fuzzy Set Theory, Rough Set Theory, Rough K-means clustering, Near Sets and Nearness Approximation Spaces, Vector quantization, Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Support Vec- tor Machine and applying them in image authentication.