Identifying Circles of Relations from Smartphone Photo Gallery

Moustafa Zeina, A. A. Fatma Yakouba, A. E. Hassanien, and V. Snasel, "Identifying Circles of Relations from Smartphone Photo Gallery", International Conference on Communications, management, and Information technology (ICCMIT'2015) Volume 65, 2015, Pages 582–591, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2015.


Geotagged photos carry hidden data about the surrounding area, and the owner of the photo. Moreover; Geotagged photos have background information about the user, where the alternative resources of Geo-spatial data lack background information. In this study, we propose identification for the circles of relations of the smartphone user from Geotagged photos. The proposed solution mainly depends on a framework, which is based on smartphone photo gallery. The framework extracts a degree of relation between smartphone user and circles of relations entities. Circles of relations incorporate closest people, places, where the participant visits, and interests. The circles of relations are represented in a social graph, which shows the clusters of social relations and interests of smartphone user. The social graph clarifies the nature and the degree of the relations for the participants. The results of framework introduced the relation between the level of variety of participant social relations, and the degree of relations.

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