Dimensionality reduction of medical big data using neural-fuzzy classifier

Taher, A., and A. E. Hassanien, "Dimensionality reduction of medical big data using neural-fuzzy classifier", Soft Computing, vol. June 2014, 2014.


Massive and complex data are generated every day in many fields. Complex data refer to data sets that are so large that conventional database management and data analysis tools are insufficient to deal with them. Managing and analysis of medical big data involve many different issues regarding their structure, storage and analysis. In this paper, linguistic hedges neuro-fuzzy classifier with selected features (LHNFCSF) is presented for dimensionality reduction, feature selection and classification. Four real-world data sets are provided to demonstrate the performance of the proposed neuro-fuzzy classifier. The new classifier is compared with the other classifiers for different classification problems. The results indicated that applying LHNFCSF not only reduces the dimensions of the problem, but also improves classification performance by discarding redundant, noise-corrupted, or unimportant features. The results strongly suggest that the proposed method not only help reducing the dimensionality of large data sets but also can speed up the computation time of a learning algorithm and simplify the classification tasks.

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