Detection of Spiculated Masses in Mammograms Based on Fuzzy Image Processing.

Hassanien, A. E., J. M. H. Ali, and H. Nobuhara, "Detection of Spiculated Masses in Mammograms Based on Fuzzy Image Processing.", Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2004, 7th International Conference, , Zakopane, Poland, Volume 3070/2004, 1002-1007, June 7-11, 2004.

Date Presented:

June 7-11


This paper presents an efficient technique for the detection of spiculated massesin the digitized mammogram to assist the attending radiologist in making his decisions. The presented technique consists of two stages, enhancement of spiculation masses followed by the segmentation process. Fuzzy Histogram Hyperbolization (FHH) algorithm is first used to improve the quality of the digitized mammogram images. The Fuzzy C-Mean (FCM) algorithm is then applied to the preprocessed image to initialize the segmentation. Four measures of quantifying enhancement have been developed in this work. Each measure is based on the statistical information obtained from the labelled region of interest and a border area surrounding it. The methodology is based on the assumption that target and background areas are accurately specified. We have tested the algorithms on digitized mammograms obtained from the Digital Databases for Mammographic Image Analysis Society (MIAS).

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