Designing resilient networks using multicriteria metaheuristics

Grosan, C., A. Abraham, and A. - E. Hassanien, "Designing resilient networks using multicriteria metaheuristics", Telecommunication Systems , vol. 40, issue 1-2, pp. 75-88, 2009.


The paper deals with the design of resilient networks that are fault tolerant against link failures. Usually,
fault tolerance is achieved by providing backup paths, which are used in case of an edge failure on a primary path. We consider this task as a multiobjective optimization problem: to provide resilience in networks while minimizing the cost subject to capacity constraint. We propose a stochastic approach,
which can generate multiple Pareto solutions in a single run. The feasibility of the proposed method is illustrated by considering several network design problems using a single weighted average of objectives and a direct multiobjective optimization approach using the Pareto dominance concept.

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