Computed Tomography Image Enhancement Using Cuckoo Search: A Log Transform Based Approach

Ashour, A. S., S. Samanta, N. Dey, N. Kausar, W. B. Abdessalemkaraa, and A. E. Hassanien, "Computed Tomography Image Enhancement Using Cuckoo Search: A Log Transform Based Approach", Journal of Signal and Information Processing, vol. 6, pp. 244-257, 2015.


Medical image enhancement is an essential process for superior disease diagnosis as well as for
detection of pathological lesion accurately. Computed Tomography (CT) is considered a vital medical
imaging modality to evaluate numerous diseases such as tumors and vascular lesions. However,
speckle noise corrupts the CT images and makes the clinical data analysis ambiguous.
Therefore, for accurate diagnosis, medical image enhancement is a must for noise removal and
sharp/clear images. In this work, a medical image enhancement algorithm has been proposed using
log transform in an optimization framework. In order to achieve optimization, a well-known
meta-heuristic algorithm, namely: Cuckoo search (CS) algorithm is used to determine the optimal
parameter settings for log transform. The performance of the proposed technique is studied on a
low contrast CT image dataset. Besides this, the results clearly show that the CS based approach
has superior convergence and fitness values compared to PSO as the CS converge faster that
proves the efficacy of the CS based technique. Finally, Image Quality Analysis (IQA) justifies the robustness >
of the proposed enhancement technique.

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