Climate recommender system for wheat cultivation in North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula

Abdelsalam, M., Mahmood A. Mahmood, Yasser Mahmoud Awad, M. Hazman, N. Elbendary, A. E. Hassanien, M. F. Tolba, and S. M. Saleh, "Climate recommender system for wheat cultivation in North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula", The 5th International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications (Springer) IBICA2014, Ostrava, Czech Republic., 22-24 June, 2013.

Date Presented:

22-24 June

In this paper, a recommender system based on rough mereology
was presented for predicting best cultivation dates for wheat in
Egyptian Sinai Peninsula according to the required mean temperature
for germination stage during October to December. The weather data
was hourly collected from El-Arish weather station in north Sinai government
from 1985 to 2013. As far as we know, this was the rst study
in Egypt regarding a wheat recommender expert system for predicting
temperature and sowing dates in North Sinai. In current study, accurate
weather forecasting information and suitable cultivation dates of
wheat were obtained from the proposed recommender system. The results
show that the proposed system can forecast dierent temperatures
with minimum Mean Absolute Error (MAE). These ndings may allow
decision makers to take their proper decisions on managing agricultural
development in new reclaimed areas like the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.