Adaptive K-Means Clustering Algorithm for MR Breast Image Segmentation

M.Moftah, H., A. T. Azar, E. T. Al-Shammari, N. I.Ghali, A. E. Hassanien, and M. Shoman, "Adaptive K-Means Clustering Algorithm for MR Breast Image Segmentation", Neural Computing and Applications (Springer), 2013.


Image segmentation is vital for meaningful analysis and interpretation
of medical images. The most popular method for clustering is k-means
clustering. This article presents a new approach intended to provide more reliable
Magnetic Resonance (MR) breast image segmentation that is based on
adaptation to identify target objects through an optimization methodology
that maintains the optimum result during iterations. The proposed approach
improves and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the traditional kmeans
clustering algorithm. The performance of the presented approach was
evaluated using various tests and different MR breast images. The experimental
results demonstrate that the overall accuracy provided by the proposed
adaptive k-means approach is superior to the standard k-means clustering