Real-time action localization, Cairo University - Faculty of Computers and Information, :
Semantic web and Its applications, Cairo University - Faculty of Computers and Information, :
Handwritten manuscripts image binarization, Banha University - faculty of Computers and Information, :

Since the importance of the optimization algorithms in many real-life applications. Optical character recognition, word spotting, and other application need a cleared binarized image. A cleared binarized image without any distortion or hidden character. In this lecture, a quick review about the handwritten manuscripts problems and solutions will be presented. In addition to, the comparison between different binarization methods will be presented. 

A Hybrid Sine Cosine Optimization Algorithm for Solving Global Optimization Problems, Banha University - faculty of Computers and Information, :

In this paper, a hybrid sine cosine optimization (denoted as HSCO) algorithm is proposed, in which a local search strategy is hybridized with the sine cosine optimization. The local search strategy aims to enhance the solutions and to prevent premature convergence of the population. By this way, the algorithm can avoid the running without any improvements in the obtained results. The simulations were conducted on a set of the benchmark problems and compared to other optimization techniques that reported in the literature.

CT Liver Segmentation using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization, Banha University - faculty of Computers and Information, :

The automated segmentation of liver is an essential phase in liver diagnosis in medical images. In this paper, the artificial bee colony optimization algorithm (ABC) is used as a clustering technique to segment the whole liver. ABC calculates the centroids of clusters in CT liver image and extracts a binary image for each cluster. Using some morphological operations can help to remove small and thin regions, which represents parts of flesh around liver, sharp edges of organs and small lesions inside the liver. Then the large regions in each cluster binary image are filled.

Automatic recognition of white blood cells :

Blood consist of Plasma, Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets, changing in blood condition show the development of diseases and help in the diagnosis of blood cells disorder . There are many disorders include benign disorders, as well as cancers that occur in blood. This presentation will give short brief to summarize blood diseases, including the definition, types, symptoms that helps in early detection through visual inspection of microscopic images.