Dr. Ahmed Metwalli Anter

Assistant Professor

Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE)

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Ahmed M. Anter is an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, Benisuef University, Egypt. Anter is interested in Biomedical Engineering, Image Processing, Neural Network, programming and application development, Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), Patient Information, Medical application systems, and Open Source Technologies. Anter is a member in the scientific research group in Egypt (SRGE). He is worked in Faculty of informatics, Jazan university and Benisuef University as lecturer assistant, and he worked in CITC Mansoura university as a Senior software development.  Anter holds his master degree of Computer Science from faculty of informatics, Mansoura University, 2010. His master was in “Content-Based Mammogram Image Retrieval”. Anter holds his Ph.D. degree from the same faculty and he is working in “Automatic Computer Aided Diagnosis System for tumors in CT Liver Images”. His research interests are in Biomedical engineering, Artificial intelligence, Image processing, Computer vision, Data mining, Pattern recognition, Machine learning, Meta-heuristics, Fuzzy and Neutrosophic sets, and optimization fields. He has published many papers in international journals and conferences and published many book chapters. He is also reviewer in many prestigious journals and conferences.

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List of publications

  • Ahmed M. Anter, Ahmed Taher Azar, Abul Ella Hassenian, Nashwa El-Bendary, Mohamed Abu ElSoud, Computer aided segmentation for liver and hepatic lesions using hybrid segmentations techniques, IEEE Federated Conference on; Computer Science and Information Systems(FedCSIS), Karcow, Poland, pp. 193 – 198, Nov., (2013).
  • Ahmed M. Anter, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Gerald Schaefer, Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Liver Abnormalities using Fractal Dimension, IEEE,Recent Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(A(CPR), Okinawa, Japan, pp. 937 – 941 , (2013).