Dr. Ahmed Abd ElGhany Ewees

Assistant Professor /Faculty of Specific Education, Damietta University

Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE)

Ahmed Abd ElGhany Ewees received his B.Sc. with honors in 2000 from Damietta Branch of Mansoura University, Egypt. In 2008, he awarded an MSc degree, Mansoura University. In 2012, he received a Ph.D degree in “A Proposed Expert System for Assessing Students' Arabic Essays Using Data Mining” from Damietta University, Egypt. In 2015 he has joined the Scientific Research Group in Egypt (SRGE).

Currently, Ahmed work as assistant professor at Computer Department, Faculty of Specific Education, Damietta University, Egypt. He co-advises master and Ph.D students, as well as leading and supervising various graduation projects. His research interests include machine learning – artificial intelligence – data mining – natural language processing – swarm intelligence – image processing.