Professor Aboul Ella Hassanien (Short Bios)


 Aboul Ella Hassanien (Abo) received his B.Sc. with honors in 1986 and M.Sc degree in 1993, both from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Science, Pure Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Cairo, Egypt. On September 1998, he received his doctoral degree from the Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.


Dr Aboul Ella Hassanein is the Founder and Head of the Egyptian Scientific Research Group (SRGE) and a Professor of Information Technology at the Faculty of Computer and Information, Cairo University. Professor Hassanien is ex-dean of the faculty of computers and information, Beni Suef University. Professor Hassanien has more than 600 scientific research papers published in prestigious international journals and over 30 books covering such diverse topics as data mining, medical images, intelligent systems, social networks and smart environment.

Research works and public

ations  Prof. Hassanien is a collaborative researcher member of the Computational Intelligence Laboratory at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba. He also holds the Chair of Computer Science and Information Technology at the Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions (ESSP). Dr Hassanien is the founder and head of Africa Scholars Association in Information and Communication Technology. His other research areas include computational intelligence, medical image analysis, security, animal identification and multimedia data mining.

Awards and prizes 

 Prof. Hassanien won several awards including the Best Researcher of the Youth Award of Astronomy and Geophysics of the National Research Institute, Academy of Scientific Research (Egypt, 1990). He was also granted a scientific excellence award in humanities from the University of Kuwait for the 2004 Award, and received the superiority of scientific - University Award (Cairo University, 2013). Also He honored in Egypt as the best researcher in Cairo University in 2013.  He was also received the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) prize on Technology (2014) and received the state Award (جائزة الدولة) for excellence in engineering sciences 2015.  Professor Aboul Ella has received the Shoman foundation prize for the Arabian Researchers 2016.

Community service 

 Dr Hassanien’s great many activities in community and the environment service include organizing 40 workshops hosted by a large number of universities in almost all governorates of Egypt. He has been honored by a number of university presidents and governors for his active engagement in community service. His other community service activities include promoting awareness about the importance of ICT in promoting the lives and status of people, with particular focus on the disabled, children of the internet and the homeless. Chief among these were the Egyptian disabled celebrations, held on the theme “Partners in one world without barriers”, in addition to a workshop on Smartphone’s techniques and their role in the development of visually impaired skills in various walks of life, a conference on the role of communications and social networking technology in fostering integration of persons with special needs amid present challenges, a workshop on protecting children from internet hazards and several training workshops at various Egyptian universities.