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Attia, M., M. Saad, N. Salaeh, M. A. I. Salem, S. El-Gameel, S. Soliman, M. K. H., and R. Ramadan, Evaluation of the cytokines response in buffaloes focused on its milk as a newly emerging indicator tracing for toxocariasis, , vol. 170, pp. 105717, 2022/08/01. Abstract

This study aimed to evaluate the immune responses and oxidative stress provoked by Toxocara vitulorum infection in buffaloes with special reference to milk parameters as an emerging tool. The use of the milk tool was reported for the first time in tracing T. vitulorum infection in Egyptian buffaloes. Intestine, milk, serum, and liver samples were gathered from flocks in Cairo and Giza districts to evaluate buffalo immune responses provoked by T. vitulorum. The compositional items and somatic cells of milk were monitored. The intestine and milk were evaluated for interleukin IL-1β, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction protocol and the analysis of malondialdehyde (MDA) as an oxidative stress marker. The mean percentages for the total solids, fats, proteins, lactose, salts, pH, and somatic cell count/ml in positive samples were 11.23 ± 0.37, 5.1 ± 0.17, 4.44 ± 0.14, 3.9 ± 0.14, 0.81 ± 0.02, 6.8 ± 0.22, and 4.23 × 10⁶± 1.41 × 10⁵ cells/ml, respectively. A significant difference (p < 0.05) was observed in the mean values of compositional items except for the total protein %, salts %, and pH. For T. vitulorum-contaminated samples, the milk IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α, and MDA (nmol/ml) were 7 ± 0.23, 18 ± 0.6, 17 ± 0.56, and 3.7 ± 0.12, respectively (which were less than the values for intestinal cytokines). There is a statistical difference (p < 0.05) between positive and negative samples in the intestinal, milk cytokines, and MDA. This study is an initial investigation of the utilization of intestine and milk cytokines in the evaluation of buffalo toxocariasis.

Mohamed, W., H. Aldabbagh, H. Aldughmani, Z. Fathy, S. Kassem, I. Abdel-Almoniem, and M. Ibrahim, Prevalence of Human Herpesviruses (HHV1-7), and its Clinical Significance in Middle Eastern Pediatric Leukemia Patients Using 2 Independent PCR Assays, , 2022/08/25. Abstract

Objectives: Human herpes viruses can cause life-threatening diseases in immunocompromised children, especially leukemic patients. Therefore, the aim of this study is to detect the human herpes viruses (HHV1-7) and to investigate its clinical significance in Middle Eastern Pediatric Leukemia Patients by using 2 Independent PCR assays. Methods: Detection of human herpes virus DNA has been done in blood samples of 200 pediatric leukemia patients in addition to 90 blood donors as a control group using multiplex PCR assays. When a ‘‘positive’’ result was observed, real-time PCR was performed to measure the viral load. Results: The most frequent herpes virus infection in Middle Eastern Pediatric Leukemia cases was CMV, followed by EBV, then HHV6, VZV, HHV7, HSV1, and HSV2, where they were 92/200 (46%), 76/200 (38%), 72/200 (36%), 48/200 (24%), 12/200 (6%), 8/200 (4%), and 2/200 (1%) respectively. Also, there was a statistically significance difference between leukemic patients and their controls regarding CMV, EBV, HHV6, and VZV (P <0.05). Correlation between percentage of co-infection, and clinical parameters for the 7 herpes viruses has been studied, and there is an increase in absolute neutrophilic count (ANC), total leukocyte count (TLC) and duration of fever and neutropenia in age group 6-11 years for HHV6/CMV, then in age group 12-18 years especially for EBV/CMV and CMV/HHV6. Also, our results show that multiplex PCR assay is close to single PCR assay in relation to specificity and sensitivity which in turn prove its validity for early diagnosis of herpes viral infection. Conclusions: Adopting multiplex PCR technique is helpful in screening of virus infections. It will save time, effort, cost effective and will assist in rapid diagnosis. However, the clinical relevance of the virus infection needs to be evaluated by quantitative real-time PCR which in turn will help patient's management by using appropriate antiviral treatment.

SAlem, D., S. Khalifa, and S. Tarek, Using Landscape Qualities to Enhance Walkability in Two Types of Egyptian Urban Communities, , vol. 10, pp. 1798 - 1813, 2022/09/01. Abstract
NAZIH, M., M. M. Gobashy, Z. SALEM, K. S. Soliman, and A. A. M. Hassan, "Hydrogeochemical and geophysical investigations to delineate underground water aquifer in arid regions: A case study, Gara oasis, Egypt", Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, vol. 52, issue 3, 2022/09/30. AbstractWebsite

The goal of the present study is to investigate, delineate, and evaluate the shallow Miocene groundwater aquifer with vertical and lateral facies variations in the Gara oasis, western desert of Egypt. This oasis represents a typical arid region in North Africa. Through grid texture analysis, lineament detection, edge detection, thresholding, and identifying areas of structural complexity from the filtered residual reduced-to-pole magnetic anomaly map, it is possible to outline the fracture zones that principally control the groundwater aquifers and water flow in the area. The groundwater quality and quantity are examined hydro-geochemically through nine groundwater samples that were gathered from wells and springs distributed throughout the area around Gara Lake. Measurements of physio-chemical parameters (TDS, pH, and EC) are carried out and its spatial distribution is critically studied. The results reveal that the ion-exchange process caused by water-rock interaction is the dominant process. Furthermore, the main ions in the groundwater in the study areas were Na and Cl. This might be due to evaporation or halite dissolution with the upward flow of waters through the fractures from the deep aquifer of the Nubian sandstone to the shallow aquifer of the fractured Miocene limestone.

Reuter, A., L. Rogge, M. Monahan, M. Kachapila, D. G. Morton, J. Davies, S. Vollmer, and N. I. H. R. G. S. Collaboration, Global economic burden of unmet surgical need for appendicitis, , vol. 109, issue 10, pp. 995 - 1003, 2022/10/01. AbstractWebsite

There is a substantial gap in provision of adequate surgical care in many low- and middle-income countries. This study aimed to identify the economic burden of unmet surgical need for the common condition of appendicitis.Data on the incidence of appendicitis from 170 countries and two different approaches were used to estimate numbers of patients who do not receive surgery: as a fixed proportion of the total unmet surgical need per country (approach 1); and based on country income status (approach 2). Indirect costs with current levels of access and local quality, and those if quality were at the standards of high-income countries, were estimated. A human capital approach was applied, focusing on the economic burden resulting from premature death and absenteeism.Excess mortality was 4185 per 100 000 cases of appendicitis using approach 1 and 3448 per 100 000 using approach 2. The economic burden of continuing current levels of access and local quality was US $92 492 million using approach 1 and $73 141 million using approach 2. The economic burden of not providing surgical care to the standards of high-income countries was $95 004 million using approach 1 and $75 666 million using approach 2. The largest share of these costs resulted from premature death (97.7 per cent) and lack of access (97.0 per cent) in contrast to lack of quality.For a comparatively non-complex emergency condition such as appendicitis, increasing access to care should be prioritized. Although improving quality of care should not be neglected, increasing provision of care at current standards could reduce societal costs substantially.

, Jouini R, "Twelve-month observational study of children with cancer in 41 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic", BMJ Global Health, vol. 7, issue 10, pp. e008797, 2022/10/01. AbstractWebsite

Introduction Childhood cancer is a leading cause of death. It is unclear whether the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted childhood cancer mortality. In this study, we aimed to establish all-cause mortality rates for childhood cancers during the COVID-19 pandemic and determine the factors associated with mortality.Methods Prospective cohort study in 109 institutions in 41 countries. Inclusion criteria: children &lt;18 years who were newly diagnosed with or undergoing active treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, retinoblastoma, Wilms tumour, glioma, osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, medulloblastoma and neuroblastoma. Of 2327 cases, 2118 patients were included in the study. The primary outcome measure was all-cause mortality at 30 days, 90 days and 12 months.Results All-cause mortality was 3.4% (n=71/2084) at 30-day follow-up, 5.7% (n=113/1969) at 90-day follow-up and 13.0% (n=206/1581) at 12-month follow-up. The median time from diagnosis to multidisciplinary team (MDT) plan was longest in low-income countries (7 days, IQR 3–11). Multivariable analysis revealed several factors associated with 12-month mortality, including low-income (OR 6.99 (95% CI 2.49 to 19.68); p&lt;0.001), lower middle income (OR 3.32 (95% CI 1.96 to 5.61); p&lt;0.001) and upper middle income (OR 3.49 (95% CI 2.02 to 6.03); p&lt;0.001) country status and chemotherapy (OR 0.55 (95% CI 0.36 to 0.86); p=0.008) and immunotherapy (OR 0.27 (95% CI 0.08 to 0.91); p=0.035) within 30 days from MDT plan. Multivariable analysis revealed laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection (OR 5.33 (95% CI 1.19 to 23.84); p=0.029) was associated with 30-day mortality.Conclusions Children with cancer are more likely to die within 30 days if infected with SARS-CoV-2. However, timely treatment reduced odds of death. This report provides crucial information to balance the benefits of providing anticancer therapy against the risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection in children with cancer.Data are available upon reasonable request.

Kamal, M., M. K. H., Z. ahmed, H. Mf, H. El miniawy, M. A. Mahmoud, and M. Z. Ewiss, Effect of Water Organic Load and Total Ammonia Nitrogen on Broilers' Humoral Immune Response Against Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccination in Egypt, , vol. 12, pp. 107 - 113, 2022/10/06. Abstract

AB S T RA C T Low-quality drinking water (DW) has a negative impact on poultry immunity raising the risk of emerging infections. The current trial used experimentally contaminated broilers' DW to study its effect on humoral immunity compared to 2 control groups. A total of 450 unsexed 1-day-old Cobb chickens were randomly allocated into 6 groups (75 birds in 5 replicates per group). DW of (T1) had 24 ppm chemical oxygen demand (COD), (T2) 12 ppm COD, (T3) 15 ppm total ammonia nitrogen (TAN), (T4) 5 ppm TAN, (T5) normal tap water (TW), (T6) TW with immunostimulant (IMU FORT ®) a day before and after vaccination. Birds were subjected to the NDV DW vaccination program, serum was collected weekly, antibody (Ab) titers were measured along 6 weeks, lymphoid organs somatic indices (OSI) were evaluated after carcass evisceration at the end of the trial (42 nd day), and Postmortem lesions were examined. Groups showed differences in Ab titers however, the 3rd and 6th weeks showed significant differences (p≤0.05), at the 3rd week T3 titers were significantly higher than T1, and T2 but lower than T4, T6, and at the 6th week T6 titers were significantly higher than T1, T3, T4 but T5 was significantly lower than T3. The lowest OSI was in T3 which records 0.475, 0.133, and 0.101 for the thymus, bursa, and spleen, respectively while T6 was the highest. Broilers' DW which has a high organic load (COD) and TAN, significantly decreases Ab titers and OSI. Both good quality DW and immunostimulant supplementation have a positive effect on NDV vaccines' immune response.

Abdelazeem, B., K. S. Abbas, J. Shehata, and A. S. Alfaar, "Increased Risk of Subsequent Skin Melanoma in Patients with Retinoblastoma: SEER-Based Results", Journal of Investigative Dermatology, vol. 142, issue 11, pp. 3123 - 3125, 2022/11//. AbstractWebsite
NAZIH, M., M. Gobashy, S. ARAFFA, K. S. Soliman, and A. Abdelhalim, "Geophysical studies to delineate groundwater aquifer in arid regions: A case study, Gara Oasis, Egypt", Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy, vol. 52, issue 4, 2022/12/12. AbstractWebsite

Groundwater is an important factor in establishing new urban communities, especially in coastal arid and semi-arid regions. Egypt is one of the world's driest countries, with hyper-arid territory accounting for 86% of the total area and arid and semi-arid terrain accounting for the rest. The present work aims to demonstrate the powerful integration of geophysical techniques to assess groundwater potentiality and suitability in Gara Oasis (GO), which describes a good example of Egypt's strategic southern extension of its arid north-western coast. Geophysical methods, including electrical resistivity and aeromagnetics, were used to evaluate groundwater resources. The study region reduced to pole total magnetic intensity map is subjected to digital filters that include derivatives, analytic signal, and tilt angle. The possible structures controlling the shallow and deep aquifers are delineated and integrated with geoelectric results. Moreover, two magnetic tomography sections are constructed to show the subsurface distribution of magnetic susceptibilities and formation boundaries. Ten vertical electric soundings (VESs) are measured and used in this study to construct four geoelectrical cross-sections. According to the results, Gara's commonly calculated subsurface resistivity model comprises six major resistivity layers. The 5th layer, in particular, is composed of Fractured dolomitic Limestone and represents a possible promising shallow aquifer. Moreover, as evidenced by various magnetic data filters, the shallow (Miocene carbonate) and deep (Nubian sandstone) aquifers are structurally controlled and regulated by a system of faults or contacts. These contacts trends NW–SE, E–W, and NE–SW as common trends emerged from the total derivative and tilt maps. Results suggest that the central part (N–S zone) together with the western side of Gara, have the most notable aquifer possibility demanded future improvement strategies.

El-Bashar, R., M. F. O. Hameed, and S. S. A. Obayya, "Highly Efficient Dome Shaped Nanowires Solar Cell", 2022 International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD), 2022/9/12.
Sumaiya, U., M. Ghaith, S. Hassini, and W. El-Dakhakhni, Drought Proneness Analysis of Southern Saskatchewan Province Using Markov Chain Model, : Springer, Singapore, pp. 489 - 498, 2023, 2022. Abstract


Gad, H., S. Attia, and H. A. Khalil, "Rereading Cairo through Neighbouring Patterns Between Formal and Informal Areas, Case Study: Ard Al-Lewaa and ElMohandeseen", Ecocity World Summit 2021, Rotterdam, Netherland, 21 Feb, 2022.
Gaber, A., M. F. Taher, and M. A. Wahed, "A Pilot Study on Facial Functions Grading based on Electromyogram", NILES2022, Egypt, 22 October, 2022.
مهنا, غراء, "الجودة طريقنا إلى مستقبل أفضل", مـؤتمر ضـمان الجـودة فـي التعلـيم العـالي، الممارسـات والعقبات والآفاق, الجزائر- جامعة الجزائر، بوزريعة, 24 مايو, 2022.
Boghdady, T. A., S. R. Bakhoum, and M. M. Sayed, "Microgrid Optimal Sizing and Economic Operation for Rural Area in Assiut (Egypt) Using Meta-Heuristic Optimization Techniques", International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt), 26-28 July, 2022.
Boghdady, T. A., A. A. M. Bakr, and M. M. Sayed, "Optimal DG allocation based on a Simple payback period by Covid-19 Algorithm and a Modified Mutation Operator for Grey Wolf Optimization", International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt), 26-28 July, 2022.
Boghdady, T. A., and Y. M. Gad, "A Modified Efficient Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Modules", International Conference on Green Energy, Computing and Sustainable Technology (GECOST), 26-28 October, 2022.
أبوغازي, عماد, "جابر عصفور وإحياء المجلس الأعلى للثقافة", جابر عصفور الإنجاز والتنوير, 27 يونيو , 2022. jbr_sfwr_why_lmjls_ll_llthqf.pdf
Y.M.A.El-salam, F., Z. M. H. Serry, M. S. M. Ahmed, and H. A. A. El-Ghafar, "EFFEECT OF REFLEXOLOGY ON QUALITY OF LIFE IN MEDICAL STUDENTS WITH IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME", International physical therapy conference Cairo university 21st PPTCCU, Cairo-Egypt, 27,28 July, 2022.
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Agaiby, S. S., and S. M. Ahmed, "Assessing the Nonlinear Load-Deformation Relationships of Vertically Loaded Shallow Foundations on Clays using the Seismic Piezocone Testing", 20th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Sydney, Australia , 3 May, 2022.
, "تدريس إدارة البيانات البحثية ضمن مقررات أقسام المكتبات ودراسات المعلومات: المتطلبات والعوائد", ثورة البيانات وتأثيرها على مؤسسات المعلومات العربية بين الواقع وطموحات المستقبل, Cairo University, 30 March, 2022.
kamal maurice hanna, "Clinical effects of Dry Sauna bathing. Potential implications for COVID-19", XI GEORGIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS ON ALLERGY, ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY VII EUROPEAN CONGRESS ON ASTHMA, COPD & RESPIRATORY ALLERGY I INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS “CORONAVIRUS INFECTION (COVID-19): PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 4-5 May, 2022. english_program_pdf_gaaci_congress_20232_word_file.pdf